SUDZ Artisanal Soap Sampler

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Want to purchase one of our SUDZ Soaps but don't know which one to pick?  Give our SUDZ Sampler a shot and discover your new favorite first-hand!

Our SUDZ Sampler is inspired by chocolate sampler boxes and features 12 unique soaps in convenient, travel-friendly "bite-sized" bits.  These little bits let you try each of our 12 original soaps so you can decide which one(s) you like the best before purchasing a full bar.  Each soap bit is good for at least two trips through the shower (for you OR a pet), at least a dozen hand or face washes, or a month's worth of daily shaving*.  

Included with the sampler box is a convenient QR Code Chart which not only tells you which type of soap is in each compartment, but allows you to simply scan the code to be taken to that soap's respective web page where you'll find every bit of information you could need, including ingredients, product descriptions, and prices for full-sized bars of soap.  Along with the QR Code Chart is a handy Guide Tool which helps you capture the correct QR code every time, as certain QR readers are very sensitive and need a little help to grab the correct code.

Each SUDZ Sampler comes sealed with a Son of Suzette logo sticker, along with a label on the side which warns potential users of possible allergens via the natural essential oils used in the soap bits inside.  If you have a history of allergic reactions or other adverse reactions to essential oils, specifically the essential oils used in this product and the plants from which they are sourced, avoid this product and all SUDZ products.  

Due to the nature of this product, the individual soap bits will vary in size; what is pictured is only a representation of what to expect from any one SUDZ Sampler.  

*We consider 'daily shaving' to generally mean a surface area equal to the areas of the face and neck which require daily upkeep for certain demographics.  If the surface area which requires daily shaving is increased, for example an area like the torso or legs, each soap bit will last for a much shorter period than one month.