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Allow us to (re)introduce you to our simple solution to soap slips, slivers, storage, and more.  Our Soap Sachet combines multipurpose practicality with a simple design to give you the little "rag bag" you never knew you needed!  A standard bar of soap (including our SUDZ Soaps) fits perfectly inside the 100% organic spun cotton pouch, and its simple slip-on design ensures anyone can keep a good grasp of even the most slippery of soaps.  Each Soap Sachet is only $2, or purchase 3 for $4 and save 33% (discount shown at checkout, not in the cart)!

How To Use* The SOS Soap Sachet:

1.  Flip the Soap Sachet to reveal the "flap" opening

2.  Insert your preferred soap; shown here is a grouping of "soap slivers" from old bars of soap, this method lets you use up every bit of each bar!

3.  Wet, massage into a lather, and use as you would a regular washcloth!  

 Each SOS Soap Sachet is handmade in Tennessee, USA, made from components manufactured in The USA.  Remember to always hang your Soap Sachet by the hand strap in order to optimize drying and minimize passive soap erosion (the natural tendency for soap to absorb moisture from the environment and become soft, slimy, and have shorter longevity).  

*Here are just a few ways to use the SOS Soap Sachet:

  1. The most basic way to use the soap sachet is to simply place a new bar of soap in the sachet before you shower, then thoroughly wet in-shower and use like a regular washcloth.  

  2. Take slivers of old soaps and collect them in the Soap Sachet, then use the sachet as usual.  This method makes sure you get to use every last bit of your bars of soap!

  3. You can also open the flap of the Soap Sachet and fill it with a regular amount of your preferred body wash or shower gel.  Thoroughly wet the sachet and then use as you would a regular wash cloth; the gel gets dispensed through the Soap Sachet as you wash.

  4. The Soap Sachet can also fashion as an air freshener.  Simply fill the sachet with your preferred potpourri, scented beads/stones, or fragrant soap and hang from hooks, knobs, handles, and more. using the hand strap as a loop hanger.