"SonSun Black" SUDZ

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Introducing "SonSun Black", the exfoliating version of our signature "SonSun" SUDZ Soaps!  This bar of soap features smooth activated charcoal sourced from organic coconut shells, an incredible all-natural exfoliant which is gentle on skin but highly effective.  Featuring organic Sunflower Oil combined with Coconut Oil and Kokum Butter, then saponified through traditional cold-process soap production with natural sodium hydroxide (lye) and distilled water. 

Ingredients:  Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Kokum Butter, Water, Sodium Hydroxide; Tea Tree Essential Oil, Activated Charcoal sourced from Coconut Shells

Options / Sizes:
Due to the fact that every soap is handmade from a small batch (<2 lbs. per batch), the exact weight of each soap will vary slightly.  We can only offer approximate weights, but each soap is within a margin of a few grams (or one-tenth of an ounce).  

Heart - ~ 3 oz.

Owl - ~ 3 oz.

-All SUDZ soaps are great for daily cleaning on all areas of the skin, from your face to your feet and everything between. 

-SUDZ are also great shampoo bars for deep cleanses or when traditional shampoo just isn't cutting it; which also makes them great for bathing your furry friends! 

-The rich, luxurious lather produced by all SUDZ soaps is excellent for shaving; just wet the bar and swirl your shave brush across the surface until you get a nice lather built up, then apply to the area you plan to shave. 
"Don't have a shave brush?  If you have an old blush or face powder brush, you do. I have been using an old Real Techniques blush brush for about 2 years!" - Note from Drewby, The 'Son' in Son of Suzette

-All SUDZ soaps are free from all sulfates, parabens, phthalates, preservatives, dyes & colorants, artificial or synthetic fragrances, washing powders, generic soap bases, or non-renewable exfoliants; everything in SonSun is 100% natural and any fragrances or colors come from the practical, organic ingredients.