Reusable Soap Sachet

Reusable Soap Sachet

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Tired of soap slipping out of your hands? Allow us to introduce you to our simple fix: The Reusable Soap Sachet. Handmade and exclusive to Son of Suzette, this simple wonder will make getting clean easier than ever! Made with 100% cotton washcloths, The Soap Sachet holds your favorite bar of soap so shower slip-ups are a thing of the past. Featuring a poly-ribbon handle so you can slip the sachet over your wrist when you need it, then hang it up to dry when you’re done. 

Tips n’ Tricks:

Simply place any bar soap in the sachet, wet thoroughly, then get to scrubbing! It’s that simple and guaranteed to give you an excellent scrubdown free from slip-ups.  Make sure the ribbon handle is flipped to the same side as the sachet opening and use the opposite side to scrub for best results; this option is a bit more ergonomic and allows for optimal soap seep-through. 

Prefer shower gel or liquid soap?  Just open the sachet, squirt your preferred amount if liquid soap, and you’ve got a self-dispensing envelope of soap; you can also apply the liquid soap directly onto the sachet like you would a normal washcloth.  

If you’re like me you have a small collection of tiny soaps sitting in your shower.  You know the kind, the lil’ bits left over from a full bar of soap? Well now they’ll never go to waste. Just slip them all into The Soap Sachet and you can finally use every last sliver of your favorite soaps!

For optimal drying, remove soap when finished; you don’t have to but it helps the sachet dry completely so it’s always fresh and ready for its next trip around the tub. 

When necessary, remove any soap from the sachet and wash just as you would your other towels and/or linens. Tumble dry on low heat or hang in a warm, dry place. 

Handmade one-at-a-time by the Son of Suzette founder using 100% cotton and sewing skills passed down through several generations.