For-Olive-Us Multipurpose Detergent & Cleaner (Natural Scents)

For-Olive-Us Multipurpose Detergent & Cleaner (Natural Scents)

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Our liquid soap base gets a superboost of cleaning power with the same mild, easily biodegradable anionic surfactants found in common detergents (including Dawn).  This highly effective formula is good for dishes, laundry, kitchens, bathrooms, wood floor, ceramic tile, linoleum, glass, and much more; the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.    Plus our formula is always free from dyes or other colorants, so you never have to worry about staining or dye-based allergic reactions.   Just be sure to gently shake before use for best results!

Available unscented or in a variety of scents ranging from subtle to intoxicating.  Each scent is available in three options, Soft, Mild, or Strong, each increasing in fragrance intensity.  Soft scents are subtle, Mild scents are noticeable but not overpowering, and Strong scents are the most fragrant.  In other words, think of it like this:

'Soft'- Barely There Subtle Scent
'Mild'- Distinct, Not Loud, Scent ("Goldilocks") 
'Strong'- Bold and Intoxicating Scent

Dilute with clean water before use.  Can be used on all surfaces.  Rinse away any excess detergent thoroughly to prevent film and/or streaking.
5 grams/ ~1 teaspoon diluted in a gallon of water makes an effective, biodegradable windshield wiper fluid.  This measurement diluted in 8 cups of lukewarm water also makes an effective and streak-resistant glass cleaner.
10 grams/ ~2 teaspoons is enough to do a sink full of moderately dirty dishes, pots, pans, etc.  
15 grams/~ 1 tablespoon is enough to do a sink full of very dirty/grimy dishes, pots, pans, etc.; This measurement also sufficient to do a full load of dishes in a dishwasher.

CAUTION: This is a cleaning product and should not be mixed with other cleaners, detergents, or chemicals; dilute with water ONLY.  Non-toxic but DO NOT INGEST.  If ingested, drink plenty of water and contact poison control services; make sure you have product in hand when you call as they will need to know the ingredients to give you the best service.  If product comes into contact with eyes mild stinging/burning may occur; regardless, rinse eye(s) thoroughly with lukewarm water for at least 5 minutes (15 minutes is ideal).

 INGREDIENTS:  Water, FOU Soap Paste (Apricot Kernel, Palm Kernel, and Extra EXTRA Virgin Olive Oils saponified with Potassium Hydroxide), Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Optiphen PLUS; +/- Essential Oils and/or Natural/Synthetic Fragrances