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Introducing Son of Suzette Sunflower, or "SonSun" SUDZ Soap!  Each soap has been formulated in-house to be effective but gentle enough for daily use, and provide a velvety lather with a soft skin-feel after cleansing. Featuring organic sunflower oil combined with various plant oils & butters, pure essential oils, and natural sodium hydroxide (lye), each soap is a modernized twist on traditional lye soap. 

Scent:  Atlas Cedar - We don't want to engender* any of our products, but this cedar soap is the epitome of a classic manly scent.  Fresh, slightly warm and resinous, and unmistakable as the classic scent of Cedarwood Essential Oil; which makes this soap especially enjoyable for shaving & shampooing facial hair!  

*PLEASE NOTE* - We would never want to say that a particular product is only appropriate for a single gender or biological sex, but any product containing any type of Cedarwood Essential Oil, whether produced by Son of Suzette or other brands, should be avoided by pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding.  Cedarwood Essential Oil can be harmful to developing fetuses, newborns, and nursing infants, and the harmful components can be transmitted via gestation and nursing.  There are zero reported incidents of Cedarwood Essential Oils negatively impacting any other populations.  

Ingredients:  Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Illipe Butter, Water, Sodium Hydroxide; Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil

Options / Sizes:
Due to the fact that every soap is handmade from a small batch (<2 lbs. per batch), the exact weight of each soap will vary slightly.  We can only offer approximate weights, but each soap is within a margin of a few grams (or one-tenth of an ounce).  

Acorn - ~ 2 oz.

Squirrel - ~ 3 oz.

-All SUDZ soaps are great for daily cleaning on all areas of the skin, from your face to your feet and everything between. 

-SUDZ are also great shampoo bars for deep cleanses or when traditional shampoo just isn't cutting it; which also makes them great for bathing your furry friends! 

-The rich, luxurious lather produced by all SUDZ soaps is excellent for shaving; just wet the bar and swirl your shave brush across the surface until you get a nice lather built up, then apply to the area you plan to shave. 
"Don't have a shave brush?  If you have an old blush or face powder brush, you do. I have been using an old Real Techniques blush brush for about 2 years!" - Note from Drewby, The 'Son' in Son of Suzette

-All SUDZ soaps are free from all sulfates, parabens, phthalates, preservatives, dyes & colorants, artificial or synthetic fragrances, washing powders, generic soap bases, or non-renewable exfoliants; everything in SonSun is 100% natural and any fragrances or colors come from the practical, organic ingredients.