Welcome to riSKÉ, the slightly quirky sister to The SKEN System here at Son of Suzette.  riSKÉ is still founded in creating Simple, Kind, & Effective products, but we've loosened the reigns a bit and allowed the integration of synthetic ingredients, like high-grade liquid silicones, blurring powders, and intensely powerful pigments.  This has allowed us to be a little more creative and expand our unique approach to personal care even further so we can hopefully enrich the lives of more people than ever!

Aside from beauty products, riSKÉ formulates all manner of personal care products for local boutiques, events, and private parties.  And when we say all manner, we really mean it- from toothpaste & deodorant to household cleaners & specialty cleansers, even personal lubricants, oil paints, and new technologies in the fields of makeup, skincare, and all things personal care.  

The RHI and The SKEN System are our babies, the branches of SOS that come straight from the heart; riSKÉ is where we let our hair down and allow ourselves to be chaotically creative.  There’s so much beauty and wisdom in chaos that deserves to be explored and venerated, and we aim to find the best of it and share it with you through innovative cosmetic solutions!