NUNYA Beeswax™ Information

With the global bee population suffering in recent years, I've had a hard time integrating beeswax into my formulations in good conscience.  In an effort to be more ecologically responsible, I've made it a priority to create a beeswax substitute which gives the same unique, supple texture of beeswax without using any wax actually harvested from bees.  After many (many, many, MANY) trials I've found the perfect combination of ingredients which combine to create a synthetic, but still 100% natural, beeswax alternative.  The secret is in four ingredients:

1) Organic Synthetic Jojoba Wax, a vegetable-derived mixture of stearates (esters of stearic acid, one of the most common fatty acids in humans and other organisms)

2) Polyhydroxystearic Acid, a wax made from castor oil

3) Stearic Acid, which, again, is a common and easily synthesized fatty acid

4) Pure Tocopheryl Acetate, the technical term for a natural & widely-used form of vitamin E

I'm making this information public for two reasons. 
First and foremost I believe in being transparent in my practices; when you have nothing to hide, you don't fear exposure.  I believe it's every person's right to know what they are putting on or in their respective bodies. 

Second, I hope that this information proves useful to other chemists.  The more natural alternatives for 'sensitive' ingredients we discover and phase into regular use, the more we help our world, ourselves, and each other.  If you are a formulator, cosmetic chemist, or hobbyist who is interested in the exact ratio of the aforementioned ingredients, please feel free to contact us at any time.  

It's not difficult to be kind; it just takes effort.  This is one of my efforts to show nature the same grace and kindness I've been blessed to receive.  

Sincerest Gratitude,

-The Son