Dew of Roses

Dew of Roses Facial Toner

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Dew of Roses Facial Toner
Dew of Roses Facial Toner

Help your skin bloom into soft, supple goodness with this rosy-tinted toner, featuring a curated blend of organic ingredients your skin will love.  This gentle-but-effective formula is suitable for all skin types and all lifestyles; don't be afraid to embrace the power of pink!

Key Ingredients:

Organic Witch Hazel - Made from wild witch hazel plants in New England, this skin remedy has been touted for generations as an impressive way to tone & tighten skin, reduce sebum production, soothe inflammation, and prevent & treat breakouts.

Multivitamin Complex - This toner features the same potent blend of vitamins B3, B5, B6, C, & E that you'll find in all the Dew of Roses products, making sure your skin gets its daily vitamins from head to toe.

Crystal Allantoin - This naturally-occurring crystal extracted from the root of the comfrey plant is an excellent skincare ingredient, revered for its ability to heal damaged skin, help skin stay moisturized and healthy, and its anti-aging effects.

Rose Kaolin ClayNot only does it give this toner its signature natural tint, it's amazing at absorbing excess oils and keeping skin's lipid barrier balanced.

Organic Geranium & Eucalyptus Essential Oils - Not only do they lend an intoxicating (but light) fragrance, these two essential oils are known to fight skin irritation and ward off environmental pollutants like bacteria and microbials.

Shake well before use.
Use on clean skin, taking care around eye area.
To use, flip dispenser top and squeeze a few drops onto clean cotton pad or clean hands. Gently wipe toner from edges of face toward center; then pat remaining toner on skin. Can be used morning, afternoon, nighttime, or whenever you need to refresh your skin.


INGREDIENTS:  Water, Witch Hazel, Allantoin, Rose Kaolin Clay, Optiphen PLUS, Multivitamin Complex (Niacinamide, calcium d-pantothenate, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, dl-a-tocopheryl acetate, vitamin B6, maltodextrin, sodium starch octenylsuccinate, silica), Polysorbate 80, Geranium & Eucalyptus Essential Oils