The Risque Business of riSKÉ cosmetics

In a world full of empty extravagance, we aim to be a little risque.  Actually, we aim to be VERY risque; but in order to understand how 'risque' we actually are, you need some context.

Though our prices and packaging may not seem like it, riSKÉ cosmetics is a brand full of luxury-quality products in innovative formulae designed to stand out among elite high price items AND accessible budget beauty alike.  We aim to take the best parts of luxury makeup and make them more accessible and sustainable, so that everyone can experience superior quality cosmetics & personal care products without ruining their budgets or leaving them second-guessing the ethical implications of their purchases.  

Rather than spending our resources splurging on ornate packaging or trying to stay on top of trends, we want to create simple cosmetic solutions which provide exceptional bang-for-the-buck.  How many times have you purchased a lipstick or compact because you were drawn in by the packaging, only to find a lackluster or downright abysmal product hiding underneath the bells and whistles?  It's happened to all of us.  We've all dished out our hard-earned money for some "next level" makeup or skincare, only to find it's nothing more than an over-priced dog turd hiding behind fancy packaging, incredible marketing, or downright false advertising.  

 At riSKÉ cosmetics, we aim to do the opposite: we want to produce products which speak for themselves and don't need super-luxe packaging, extravagant advertising campaigns, or trend-chasing gimmicks.  riSKÉ cosmetics is dedicated to providing affordable, sustainable, and effective products which do what they promise and meet (or exceed) your expectations. 

Son of Suzette and riSKÉ cosmetics have spent years curating the best ethically-sourced ingredients to create some truly innovative cosmetic wonders designed to help you feel confident in what you're putting on your skin; we want you to feel like you look amazing, but we also want you to have assurance that your confidence doesn't come at the cost of hardship to others or the environment. 

In a world full of empty extravagance, we just want to be riSKÉ! 

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