New Season= New Products + New Photos!

Once again we've updated our site with new pictures, new products, and new information on all things SOS.  Enjoy browsing the site to see our updated lables, our new products in all our collections (including SKENcare, Renewed Hope, and riSKÉ cosmetics), and some information on each brand's respective goals.

While the team at Son of Suzette provided some of the new photographs, the largest portion came from our favorite photographer Lindsey Davis at Millie Wren Photography of East Tennessee.  If you live in the Lakeway Area of East TN and need a photographer, check them out!  From weddings, to babies, to when your babies need their senior pictures, and any other situation in which you could need professional, gorgeous photos to remember a little slice of your life..  Check them out on Instagram and Facebook below!

Millie Wren on Instagram

Millie Wren on Facebook

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