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The Son

"Any time you see a label askew, that means we've passed our savings to you!"

As corny as that little rhyme may seem, it’s the simplest way to describe one of our founding principles: we’re not here to make money, we’re here to make change happen. If I’ve learned anything as both an avid consumer and a creator of cosmetics and personal care, it’s that sometimes the packaging of a product is better than the product itself; unfortunately, at times the packaging of a product is its only positive quality.  We understand that packaging is important to consumers, but what’s more important is making sure the product you’re buying is more than just perfect packaging.  

During our first two years of design and production we created so much unnecessary packaging waste trying to make things perfect, the heft of which was due to printing issues. For every single sheet of labels we deemed fit for retail, we wasted at least three sheets attempting to get the spacing *just* right. No matter the computer software or printing hardware we always ended up with a truly disgusting amount of waste. There was nothing simple about the process, and all that waste was anything but kind to the environment or our customers.

One of the ways we keep prices low is by being kind to our customers. How? We don’t have a high markup on our products, so what you pay isn’t much more than what goes into its creation (like we said we’re here to make changes, not just money).  But when you have to waste multiple components in a vain attempt to capture the illusion of perfection, that cost adds up fairly quickly; and when we have to pay more for components, we in turn have to raise the prices of the products

We believe that imperfections aren’t necessarily bad qualities. Imperfections make us unique and remind us that everything you see, no matter how grand or seemingly perfect, has a flaw. No one is created to be perfect nor can a person create true perfection; nevertheless, we still strive for the unattainable. It was in the zealousness of our aim for perfection when we realized that, in our attempt to be perfect, we were violating two major tenets of our philosophy: simplicity and kindness.   

When we stray from our business philosophy we are doing a disservice to us and our customers.  We’re here to change the landscape of the beauty & personal care industry by being true to our philosophy and creating exceptional and effective products, not to make a fortune on glitzy boondoggles that you’ll use a few times then forget about.  So while our products may not always look like the definition of perfection, you can rest assured that they will always be exceptional. You can’t always judge a book by its cover, or a product by its packaging.   




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